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VIP/White Glove Couriers

'Your Highness'

Some goods require extra care in their delivery or it may be that the recipient is truly a dignitary or VIP. Usually, due to a consignments sensitivity or fragility, they could become contaminated or damaged during loading, unloading or in transit using an ordinary delivery service. Our couriers are well trained and understand the importance and therefore take the proper care and attention required. All our services are dedicated. This means the same courier that collects your consignment actually delivers it too. The vehicle is assigned exclusively to you and the items delivered direct with no stops or deviations on route. Furthermore there is no co-loading of others items on the vehicle thereby completely eliminating the chance of contamination or lost or mis delivery. Your consignment gets to the right destination on time every time.

VIP Courier Service Essex

At A.B.A. Couriers, we are used to collecting and delivering to and from high profile companies, dignitaries and VIP's. We can deliver your consignment with a true 'White Glove' service, taking the consignment directly to the clients desk, home, office or even private jet. In fact, we are so well respected in the local area that we have been entrusted to deliver high value or highly sensitive items to both Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace along with the Royal enclosures at various events to name but a few.

If you are concerned that your consignment will be just left on the doorstep, at Goods Inwards or with a neighbour, you needn't worry. Our couriers will carry out your specific delivery instructions to the letter, no matter how absurd that may sometimes seem.

A.B.A. Couriers, the White Glove bespoke couriers that won't let you down.

We also offer an independent witness service whereby our courier will happily act as witness to document signatures for onward delivery or return to solicitors, clients or whoever.

White Glove Couriers
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