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Samples & Prototypes Couriers

Fragile? Secret?

Scientists and engineers make use of samples and prototypes in their experiments and observations. The country is full of companies and persons making new inventions all the time. Thousands of hours may have gone into the creation of something new. These items are therefore extremely valuable and possibly fragile. The goods must be treated in a safe and secure manner and delivered and handled with extra caution. It is crucial that the goods arrive at the right time and place. New products, prototypes and samples are often highly secret before they go to market. Patents may not yet be issued and copyright is a real risk in any industry. Late and poor delivery can affect the results of experiments conducted and so, a reliable and flexible courier company is usually the best fit to safely deliver these goods to the required location.

Prototype Couriers Essex

A.B.A. Couriers specialises in dedicated same day delivery of samples and prototypes. We understand that some of these goods have patent rights and so we confidentially deliver them to their locations. We are particular about the deliver condition of the products and thus ensure that the customer's needs are catered for at every stage of the delivering process.

All our couriers are well trained and highly experienced with a vast geographical knowledge. All vehicles are assigned exclusively to you. The same courier that collects the consignment delivers it too. There are no stops or deviations on route and no co-loading of others items. Your delivery will be made safely, securely and quickly every time.

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