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Legal documents are essential to any case. There are strict deadlines to be met, and every lawyer knows that a document that is not available on time can be a decisive blow to the case. Legal firms understand the need for the proper handling and delivering of confidential documents and are now outsourcing this responsibility to courier companies such as us.

A.B.A. Couriers provide legal document courier services to legal firms and courthouses across the UK. At A.B.A. we make sure that the documents we deliver are secure and safe throughout the entire delivery. We have trained and responsible drivers who will carefully delivery the documents to their destination. The confidentiality of these files is undoubtedly guaranteed with us.

Legal Document Courier Essex

We understand that documents or media may be highly confidential and so treat them as such throughout. We are flexible in our services and can offer urgent delivery of the documents at a moments notice, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our courier will be assigned exclusively thereby collecting the package and safeguarding it right through to the final destination. All deliveries are direct with no stops or deviations on route and no co loading of others items. The same courier that collects the consignment transports it and delivers it - direct. Even if that means into the courtroom itself!

We have vast experience in transporting legal documents, contracts and even passports to different locations. We provide tracking, traffic monitoring and real-time vehicle communication systems so you can keep tabs on where your consignment is at a particular time.

We also offer an independent witness service whereby our courier will happily act as witness to document signatures. Collecting from one Solicitor and delivering to clients for approval and signing then on to other Solicitors or onward delivery or a simple return to Solicitors, clients or whoever.

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