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Engineering Couriers

Urgent Prototypes & Samples

Prototypes and various other samples can often be extremely sensitive both with regard fragility and secretcey. Manufacturers have to protect designs with patents; hence, transporting them requires a great deal of care. These items cannot simply be thrown in the back of a lorry loaded with numerous other deliveries. Our fleet of dedicated couriers will collect your samples and prototypes from anywhere in the area and deliver it to wherever you want. Direct, with no stops or deviations on route. Our couriers may also wait for the items to be inspected and/or approved or worked on by another engineer and then return it to yourselves or another location as required. With only a phone call, you can get your engineering transportation problems solved without delay.

Project Component Courier Essex

Engineers are in constant need of different type of products and materials to work on and with. The design stage needs ideas, plans, drawings and prototypes. The processing and manufacturing stages require components and samples, and the quality control or verification stage needs adequate tooling. For an engineering project to be completed, direct and timely delivery of the materials must be carried out with smooth seamless efficiency.

A.B.A. Couriers offer a cost-effective dedicated same day courier service for emergency collections and deliveries nationwide and beyond. Your courier and vehicle, be that a motorcycle, car or van is assigned exclusively to you. Thus completely eliminating any chance of damage, contamination or lost or mis-delivery. The same courier that collects the item delivers the item.

All our couriers are continually monitored and your consignment can be tracked throughout. Should the final destination change, simply give us a call and the courier will be redirected as desired.

We simply will not be beaten on speed and efficiency.

Engineering Couriers Essex
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