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Jewellery Couriers

Rolex - Cartier? Safe and Secure

Jewellery and fine watches are obviously delicate and highly valuable and as such require delicate measures when handling or transporting. Valuable jewellery and watches can not be entrusted to conventional mail delivery or next day courier services whereby the items are relayed from person to person and depot to depot. To protect such high value and often unique goods, delivery of such items should be entrusted to a proven dedicated same day courier such as us. We provide a completely bespoke solution using individual vehicles assigned exclusively to you. Your Rolex watch or Cartier ring would be collected under plain cover by one of our highly experienced and trusted couriers. The item(s) would then be directly transported to the final destination by the same person with no stops or deviations on route and no co-loading of others items. A truly bespoke service from beginning to end.

Jewellery Couriers Essex

We have experienced and professional drivers who are dedicated to ensuring that the product gets to its location in due time and proper conditions. For quality assurance purposes of our services, the consignment can be monitored with our traffic control, tracking and vehicle communication systems from the time of pickup to the final delivery.

It could be a last minute gift to a loved one or something forgotten on the wedding night. We are available 24 hour per day 7 days per week and are only a phone call away.

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